[kmail2] [Bug 227942] kmail - please add ability to display and sort by date received

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Tue Nov 8 15:44:34 GMT 2016


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--- Comment #10 from Anders E. Andersen <andersa at ellenshoej.dk> ---
Me too++

Using sorting "None (Order of storage)" does not give the same result and you
can't change the ordering with that setting either.

(I use the Danish translation, so not sure if "None (Order of storage)" is what
it is called in english.)

Like Ariel Garcia mentioned in the closed duplicate issue, if email a was send
before b, but b arrives sooner, I want a to be listed after b.

I like to look at my inbox as a task queue and I deal with it in order of
arrival. If the list is sorted by date sent, new emails can pop into the list
between stuff I have already dealt with and it becomes confusing to me why I
haven't looked at a certain email before.

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