[kmail] [Bug 183348] Kmail filter extremely slow

Tim Holy via KDE Bugzilla bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Mon Jun 20 19:13:23 BST 2016


--- Comment #11 from Tim Holy <holy at pcg.wustl.edu> ---
Just a follow-up: I tried it again, and after selecting 33K emails and starting
filtering, I switched to a different mail directory (one with very few emails
in it) for display. This did *not* appear to help anything.

But because I was watching it carefully I noticed more detail this time. The
filtering was stuck on "Mail Filter Agent...0%" for several (10ish?) minutes,
with `mysqld`, `akonadiserver`, `akonadi_maildir_resource`, and `kontact` being
among the main processes. None of them were using a lot of CPU, this seems to
be a disk-bound process. Then, after no visible sign of progress for many
minutes, all of a sudden it ran through all 33K messages in fewer than 10

So I'd guess the main filtering is plenty fast. It seems to be some
"preparatory" step that is really slow, and because it gives no visible sign of
progress it's a likely source of complaints/trouble for users (I was pretty
close to trying to cancel/reboot my laptop by the time it started making

Should this bug be changed from RESOLVED to something else? Or should I file
this observation as a separate bug report?

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