[kmail2] [Bug 362896] Account freezes for several weeks when processing lots of emails

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Sun Jun 19 16:59:34 BST 2016


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Additional information:

After setting a few thousand of emails to expire by date, the whole folder
(Inbox) stopped displaying emails and it was empty and unusable for a month or
so. It was also blocking other operations - I added another account and emails
were not downloaded. Other existing accounts were working.

I'm on a quite slow internet connection. At some point I monitored network
traffic and I noticed "akonadi_imap_resource" was downloading a huge amount of
data from the IMAP server. I left it all night long, it downloaded about 1.5GB
and still going.

Another day I happened to be in a hotel with a decent internet connection. I
monitored the network traffic again, it downloaded about 2GB of data within an
hour or so, and it finished - all my email was displayed again.

Points of interest:

- Why did Kmail (or akonadi) needed to download so much data? All the email
were locally available via the offline use setting, it shouldn't have to
download anything, only move them to another folder and delete them from the

- Even if it has to download the emails again, the amount of data (2GB+)
indicates it was downloading all emails again, not just the ones requested to
be moved. That requested emails would be much less.

- It seems like it had to do all operations at one go, otherwise it would start
from scratch next time. This was going on for a month, maybe more, there was
certainly plenty of time to download everything even with a slow connection.
There were probably dozens of GBs of data downloaded over this time with this
behaviour. Still, it only worked when it was able to download 2GB+ in one go,
otherwise the Inbox was empty and unusable.

When expiring smaller amounts of emails e.g. 100 days, everything works ok.

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