[Akonadi] [Bug 362938] Implement tomboy REST API as Akonadi resource

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Sat Jun 18 09:10:37 BST 2016


--- Comment #5 from Stefan <stefan at draakgard.de> ---
A little status update:

For OAuth I use now the suggested o2. Because of cmake it was a little bit
difficult getting it working.

I want to use the following KJob classes:
- TomboyJobBase:
  it should provide the full OAuth stuff using the library o2
- TomboyServerAuthenticateJob:
  It's needed for the configuration it should do the OAuth registration process 
getting the client credentials
- TomboyItemsDownloadJob:
  It should retrieve all items
- TomboyItemDownloadJob:
  It should get the specific item
- TomboyItemUploadJob

For the first 3 classes I have a rudimentary implementation now. I use o2 and
KIO::AccessManager (o2 needs a QNetworkAccessManager!) for accessing the
server. I parse the received data with QJsonDocument.

Current question is, how I have to save the notes data in Akonadi::Item. I
studied the code of KJots and I think I have to use KMime:Message, but the
details are still unclear.

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