[kmail2] [Bug 354400] In Kmail 5.0.2 autocompletion only shows recent email addresses but not stored emails in Kaddressbook

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Tue Feb 2 09:47:20 GMT 2016


--- Comment #16 from piedro <piedro.kulman at googlemail.com> ---
I do not think that opening the addressbook is a valid workaround. 

A well done feature for auto-completion should   

- be usable to instantly open available addressbook entries (preferably with a
configuration option to exclude some addressbooks to prevent privacy issues and
needless clutter with big huge contact lists)  

- include addresses that are not in the addressbooks but have been answered to
before (also configuration options within kmails settings are required) 

- be ahead of the competition by featuring configuration options for
pre-filtering and pre-sorting the entries shown plus a quick access button for
changing the order of appearance on the fly 

Being content with the limitations of a mediocre and buggy approach shouldn't
suit KDE well. 
I would hope for a bit more inspiration and ambition. Thunderbird is old as and
more or less abandoned but still does a better job in many areas as new and
shiny kmail... Mild inconveniences can't be the place to settle on for a self
acclaimed ambitious project like KDE. 

back to the bug: 
It's probably not helping but it seems like since the last updates (ARCH fully
upgraded) the search doesn't work initially but after a while it suddenly
starts working until closing kmail. 
Same after restarting kmail - sadly I can't see any useful pattern to report

cheers, p.

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