[kmail2] [Bug 354400] In Kmail 5.0.2 autocompletion only shows recent email addresses but not stored emails in Kaddressbook

jackdinn bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sat Dec 17 19:22:33 GMT 2016


--- Comment #72 from jackdinn <jack at jackdinn.co.uk> ---
Cheers, but did not work. I still have to write at least 1 letter in the TO
field and then rub it out before it will auto fill the address from my personal
address book :( 

Just had a large update for kmail, akonadi, pim etc etc so thought it might be
fixed but unfortunately not in my case.

mint 18
plasma 5.8.4
framework 5.28.0
QT 5.6.1
kernal 4.4.0-53
Kmail 5.2.3

But thx.

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