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--- Comment #6 from Martin Steigerwald <Martin at Lichtvoll.de> ---
Thank you Bernd for your report and to everyone who commented. It is about a
version of KMail which uses Nepomuk and is unmaintained. Thus closing. If you
still see performance issues please open new reports. But please follow the
following guide lines to avoid unnecessary work for the developers:

- Ideally test with KDEPIM and Akonadi 15.08. It contains some performance
improvements like the binary protocol.

- Otherwise at least use KDEPIM 4.14.10 and newest Akonadi 1.13 you can get as
it already contains some performance improvements.

- If you can wait, please retest with KDEPIM and Akonadi 15.12 once they become
available for you. Akonadi 15.12 will contain *massive* performance
improvements implemented by Dan due to new database indexes, optimized queries
and leveled file_db directory. All of these are in master already, so if you
dare use kdesrc-build to compile KF5, kdepim and kdepim-runtime. I am using
this currently and it basically moves the bottleneck to KMail (slow threading
for example). It is a *huge* improvement. Also Volker and others work on
performance improvements in KMail as well.

Thank you and greetings from KDE Randa Meetings,

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