[kmail2] [Bug 344670] KMail becomes unable to fetch e-mail after trying to view a specific folder

Arvid behold at behold.se
Sat Feb 28 16:19:26 GMT 2015


--- Comment #1 from Arvid <behold at behold.se> ---
Update: After experimenting some more I found that the issue occurs when I
synchronize the folder in general, not only when I actually select it. I was
able to work around the issue by changing the folder properties to never sync,
and I was thus able to at least read the messages already listed in the folder.

I then did a Google search for the gmail address that was printed by Akonadi
(the actual address differs slightly from what I wrote above), and found a
reference to a specific e-mail to a mailing list I subscribe to. I looked up
the message in question in KMail and found that I for some reason had two
copies of the same message. I tried simply removing both entries, and after
doing so I can now synchronize the folder properly.

I am leaving this issue unresolved, however, as I still consider it a bug that
KMail stops functioning like this simply because something went wrong with a
single e-mail message. It is also likely that another user in the situation
would not have been able to resolve this on their own. I have no idea how I
could have resolved this issue had I not been lucky enough to find the address
outputted by Akonadi on Google.

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