[kmail2] [Bug 335759] kmail crashes on startup due to files in autosave/

Gregor Mi codestruct at posteo.org
Sat Feb 28 13:46:54 GMT 2015


--- Comment #6 from Gregor Mi <codestruct at posteo.org> ---
When I start kmail from krunner or kicker (instead of the console) the whole
desktop becomes unresponsive here and there until the data is processed.

I can reproduce it by simply putting a random 1 GB file into the autosave
folder by hand.

Similar scenario: If I put an mp3 file there (5 MB) kmail opens and the message
compose window opens which displays garbage in the editor and then kmail
freezes with 25% CPU load. The console shows

** (process:19199): CRITICAL **: enchant_dict_check: assertion
'g_utf8_validate(word, len, NULL)' failed
and every 30 seconds another line is added.

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