[Akonadi] [Bug 338658] GMail, Novell Groupwise, other IMAP: "Multiple merge candidates, aborting"

Paul Eggleton bluelightning at bluelightning.org
Tue Feb 24 14:03:58 GMT 2015


--- Comment #22 from Paul Eggleton <bluelightning at bluelightning.org> ---
I have at least figured out how to fix the database in order to get directories
syncing again using the Akonadi Console. (Disclaimer: this worked for me, may
not work for you, you might lose data if you aren't careful, etc.)

First I searched to find the duplicate keys using the "DB Console" tab with the
following query:

SELECT pimitemtable.*, collectiontable.name FROM pimitemtable
INNER JOIN pimitemtable dup ON pimitemtable.id != dup.id and
pimitemtable.remoteId = dup.remoteId and pimitemtable.collectionId =
INNER JOIN collectiontable ON pimitemtable.collectionId = collectiontable.id
ORDER by pimitemtable.remoteId

Then I looked for the items specifically in the folders that I knew were
failing to sync with the "Multiple merge candidates, aborting" error, then used
the Id to track down one of the duplicate items in the "Browser" tab and then
deleted it there from the context menu. (There are still others with duplicate
ids, but I have not deleted those since they don't appear to be causing any
problems.) I then restarted the akonadi server, and then reloaded the folder in
KMail and voila, the folder now synchronises successfully.

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