[kmail2] [Bug 343795] Accessing S/MIME encrypted attachments fails

Claus Christmann hcc at gatech.edu
Mon Feb 23 14:27:17 GMT 2015


--- Comment #2 from Claus Christmann <hcc at gatech.edu> ---
I have received some more emails from "Alice", all signed and encrypted and all
with the same problem. A cause of the problem seems to be that Alice is sending
HTML emails with embedded attachments (i.e. simply dragging and dropping
attachments into the HTML mail composer part of MS Outlook). As long as Alice
is sending mail with only embedded pictures, I can change from the plain text
view to the HTML view and I will see those pictures (and can save them via the
context menu). For attachments that won't be displayed, e.g. PDFs, that
obviously doesn't work...

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