[Akonadi] [Bug 335090] Akonadi Dav Resource: Broken State / Unexpected Error 401

Sammy Bresel euredudeheit1 at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 15 12:05:55 GMT 2015


--- Comment #35 from Sammy Bresel <euredudeheit1 at googlemail.com> ---
I have the same errors with ownCloud 7.0.2. As client i user KDEpim 4.13.3 in
Kubuntu 14.04.
Today i tried to reproduce the error again, with akonadiconsole running, but it
seems to work now.

What attracted my attention, was that also modyfiyng events or contacts on the
client caused the error:

Bei der Abfrage ist ein Problem aufgetreten. Der Eintrag wurde auf dem Server
nicht verändert
Bei der Aktion
hochladen“ ist der unerwartete Fehler 401 aufgetreten. (401).

Only removing and adding the ressource again in Akonadi helps.  Other clients
(CaldavSync on Android) are working well.

Can it be that there is some problem with the Akonadi's authentication at the

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