[kmail2] [Bug 310694] Kmail thinks it is offline, switching online as offered does not work

Marcus Hardt marcus.hardt at iwr.fzk.de
Fri Feb 13 09:46:29 GMT 2015


--- Comment #11 from Marcus Hardt <marcus.hardt at iwr.fzk.de> ---
I was tried to reproduce and workaround this one.

My setup is maybe strange, but it grew over time. I'm changing the IP to which
my mailserver is resolved dynamically, regarding to whether I'm in VPN or not.

My suspicion was that akonadi_imap_resource cannot handle changing IPs and/or
interfaces. I was trying to systematically reproduce it, but that's difficult.
VPN didn't seem to be the problem, but switching from wlan to lan or vice versa
was problematic.

However, it seems to help to kill all kdeinit and kde4 processes of your user.
(Using kill -9, pkill -9 didn't work for me)

Hope this helps.

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