[kmail2] [Bug 344047] custom headers are not present in the draft source when saving to draft

fabstz-it at yahoo.fr fabstz-it at yahoo.fr
Thu Feb 12 11:39:18 GMT 2015


--- Comment #2 from fabstz-it at yahoo.fr ---
If it is by design then ok. Simply, looking in the draft helps to test the
custom headers functionalilty.

Acutually I discovered that issue while making some custom changes in the code
by adding the following functionalilty. I don't know if this can somehow be

I receive emails containing a specific header : "X-Apparently-To" formatted
this way :
X-Apparently-To: my_email-extension at example.tdl; Wed, 11 Feb 2015 20:32:37
I use the email of this field because it is the message's recipient. Sometimes
it is not in To: or Cc: (for example when in bcc)
I manage many email extensions and don't want to create an identity or alias
for each of them.
I want to use that email when replying to the mail instead of my regular
identities' mail. I use it to override the From & ReplyTo email of the reply.
Thus I modified the code so as to extract the email from the X-Apparently-To
header, save it in the reply message. Thus I wanted to save it's value in the
draft so that when reopening the draft, it is not lost and overwritten by the
default identity email. I can send you a patch for that specific development in
case you want to have a look at it and see whether this can be generalized or
you have an idea to implement this

FYI : the X-Apparently-To is set on emails received on a yahoo account when
using the disposable email address functionnality

Actually that could also be useful to people using the +extension of gmail
accounts (mymail+alias1 at gmail.com) but I'm not sure of the name of the header
gmail adds to the incoming mail (probably Delivered-To: )

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