[kontact] [Bug 343446] Kontact crashes when reading HTML E-Mails in KMail

dyle at dyle.org dyle at dyle.org
Wed Feb 4 11:26:37 GMT 2015


--- Comment #10 from dyle at dyle.org ---
Huh! You are right! Opening up http://build.opensuse.org/ in konqueror crashes
at the exact same place! o.O

I don't know if "RESOLVED NOTGNOME" is the right choice. It's clearly a gtk+
bug to me. And as such it might not be Gnome per se - when one defines "Gnome"
not to be confused with "Gimp Toolkit". 

That's like filing a bug report for Qt on the kde.bugzilla and then resolving
it as "NOTKDE". Which is true then.

However, the gtk+ devs *do* refer to the gnome bugzilla ... what a mess.

Ok, I'll attach myself to the correct bug report at the gnome site and give the
devs a nudge again.

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