[kontact] [Bug 343446] Kontact crashes when reading HTML E-Mails in KMail

Wolfgang Bauer wbauer at tmo.at
Tue Feb 3 10:32:45 GMT 2015


--- Comment #6 from Wolfgang Bauer <wbauer at tmo.at> ---
(In reply to dyle from comment #5)
> How do I check if on my system (Gentoo) the series KMail -> qwebkit ->
> webkit-gtk -> evince holds?

Well, if you have an EMail with which you can reproduce the crash, you could
try to remove the plugin and see if it still crashes. It should be
/usr/lib(64)/browser-plugins/libevbrowserplugin.so or similar.

You have 3.14.1 installed, that's the same version that crashed for me (I
mainly experienced the crashes with Konqueror, but could reproduce them with
rekonq and qt4-browser which all use QtWebKit, like Akregator does as well).
Since I removed evince-browser-plugin (it's a separate package in openSUSE), I
had no more crashes.

You can compile evince without the browser plugin, just add the option
"--disable-browser-plugin" to your call of configure.

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