[kmail2] [Bug 329157] A specific password make Kmail ignore the pop funktion without error message

stakanov at freenet.de stakanov at freenet.de
Fri Jan 24 22:21:52 GMT 2014


--- Comment #3 from stakanov at freenet.de ---
This seems to be in relation with the specific setup of wallet: use two
wallets, one for outer on for inner actions. 
It does not happen when you set up the "one wallet" setting. 
Try to first save passwords for several pop3 accounts in the two wallet setup. 
Imagine you have a problem that forces you to change these passwords. For me
that was far from straightforward. The wallet would apparently accept the
password but mail would not be checked. If you finally did erase the old one
and safe an empty password (in kmail) , then you reopen the kmail dialog and
safe a new password it was taken. I had the impression the program has a
problem when trying to communicate with the wallet when in "two wallet"
Since I changed the passwords successfully I have no problems. So it is the
procedure when you change a password with this asset that has a hick-up.

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