[kontact] [Bug 324403] Fatal "Could not create collection outbox" following upgrade to 4.11.0, duplicate special folders, locale issue?

Peder Chr. Nørgaard pcn at pogt.dk
Fri Jan 24 15:39:02 GMT 2014


--- Comment #7 from Peder Chr. Nørgaard <pcn at pogt.dk> ---
I succeeded in working around the problem - not that the problem in any way is
solved.  What I did was to kill me entire KDE configuration (the ~/.kde
directory) and kill the akonadi (~/.local/share/akonadi and ~/.config/akonadi)
- all done from a console login, so KDE itself was not active during the
process.  Then login again via KDE and laboriously configure all of KDE from
the beginning (fortunately, I had most of it documented).  My actual mail
archive (in ~/.local/share/local-mail) survived (I did take a backup first!),
and was accessible from my reconfigured KMail.

This info above is just information that may help others that are hit by the
same problem.  Now some info about the problem itself:  I tried to do some
debugging while the problem was still manifest.  I did not figure out much, the
entire KMail setup is too complex for me to figure out in my spare time.   I
did discover the source of the report  -  it is thrown in kdepimlibs, in the
method Akonadi::SpecialCollectionsRequestJob::slotResult.  But then that is
because of an error situation established earlier in some callback processing
of a DBus communication - at that point  I ran out of time :-)

If anyone are interested in solving the basic problem - that something may
happen during the 4.11 update that can render KMail useless with a useless
error message - I still have a copy of my old ~/.kde - if someone are
interested, I will provide copies of selected files to this bug report.  But I
do not know what exactly to provide, and I will not dump the entire shebang on
you ...  I may even be able to re-manifest the bug if I try real hard, but will
not give any promises.

This is really a two-tier bug - bug 1, the update creates a problem, bug 2,
that problem manifests itself by throwing a far-too-lowlevel error message to
the defenseless user.

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