[kmail2] [Bug 310899] Resource KMail Folders is broken. This resource is now online

Roman Fietze rfkd at fietze-home.de
Thu Jan 23 08:42:23 GMT 2014


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--- Comment #10 from Roman Fietze <rfkd at fietze-home.de> ---
I (temporarily) "fixed" this problem using a small trick.

KMail2 doesn't like it when you are too hasty, e.g. when deleting mail. In my
case this seemed to be the reason for this error, I just clicked the "Move to
Trash" button to quickly.

Now I just started kmail by hand, watching cout/cerr while I tried to select
the message causing this error and going the resource offline. This gave me
some output like:

akonadi_mixedmaildir_resource_0(18748)/akonadiresource (maildir): Failed to
read item "1390374044.R143......" in Maildir "/home/.../Mail/inbox"

I just changed to my inbox in my mail folder and searched this entry. And of
cource I couldn't find it. So I searched for other entries looking similar,
some that do not end in ",S" or ",RS", and I found them under new/.

Now I just copied one of the existing files and recreated the missing file

After restarting kmail I again selected the bad message, and it appeared. Of
cource with the wrong content, but I didn't really care, because I deleted it

After that "fix" I detected, that the missing message was already in the trash
folder. Where else could it be?!

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