[Akonadi] [Bug 297615] Akonadi asks for wallet password even though no kmail2 has not been started

Paul Gover pmw.gover at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 22 18:29:57 GMT 2014


--- Comment #7 from Paul Gover <pmw.gover at yahoo.co.uk> ---
The behaviour changed with the latest KDE PIM release I installed (4.8.5); up
to and including the previous (4.8.3), it remained as described in the bug
It now appears to work as I'd expect.  (Whether that's correct is another
question, but it suits me!)

Thus, if I start Kontact before doing anything else, Kwallet pops up and asks
for my password, after which it successfully gets my new mail etc.

If I start Firefox first (I've changed to that in preference to Chromium), the
first time I browse a web page allowing a login causes the Kwallet plugin to
pop up and ask me for my password.  If I now start Kontact, it doesn't bother
to ask for a password, it just goes off and get my mail.  I believe I can
tailor this behaviour in the KDE System Settings, but it's what I want.

The one scenario I'm not sure about is if I start Firefox, and then close it,
whether Kontact asks for a password.  I tried testing it, but think I need to
wait longer for the password from Firefox to expire.

I suspect the change in behaviour is linked to the fact that I now get to see
the "new mail" gizmo in the Task Manager.  I suspect that the KDE desktop was
starting it silently in the background immediately after login, and now it gets
kicked off when I start Kontact, which is the behaviour I expect.  (This may be
because I explicitly closed both Kontact and the "new mail" gizmo once before
logging out of KDE; maybe that cleared it from the list of tasks to restart at
login.  But I'm guessing.)

In summary, I'm now a happier bunny.
(If I could work out what semantic desktop and akonadi and all that actually
bought me, I'd be ecstatic.  How about updating KDE help and find files
applications guys? )

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