[kmail] [Bug 90477] [usability] Incorrect account order for "Check Mail In" popup button

Micky flyzone at technologist.com
Sat Jan 18 20:08:19 GMT 2014


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Hi, I would ask to reopen this bug, on kmail 1.13.7, kde 4.8.4, on debian
wheezy 7.3 the problem is still present.
Is about 2 years (alson on debian lenny) that I was seeing this problem.
On Settings->Configure KMail->Accounts->Receiving accounts are correctly sorted
alphabetically, but on "check mail in" drop-down-list are not sorted as you can
see in the previously attach.

Trying to delete all acounts, exit kmail, reenter on kmail and recreate them.
The accounts stay sorted in the "check mail in" localized in "controlla posta"
for about 5 minutes, then they get unsorted permanently (they stay unsorted
always in the same way, they doesn't change again).

I have tried to look into kmailrc and mailtransports file into my
$HOME/.kde/share/config, but the ID, Account Number, hostname, account name
doesn't seem to have a logic/algoritm to the applied sort.

I have opened a topic on http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=215&t=119274,
another user with kde version 4.12.1 on gentoo have the same issue.

Let me know if I can give you more details.

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