[kmail2] [Bug 313667] sent e-mail missing in 'Sent' folder

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Sat Jan 18 15:53:33 GMT 2014


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I can confirm this bug on Arch Linux with akonadi 1.11.0 and kmail 4.12.1 (=
Arch Linux with latest updates).
I used this IMAP setup with my four mail accounts with Gnome-Evolution for
years, but never lost a sent mail, so I assume it is a kmail2/akonadi issue.
IMHO the problem is that IMAP connections are not reliable, so sending mail
should be embedded into a transaction: The local sent mail shall only be
deleted, if a successful move to the remote IMAP sent-mail folder is confirmed.
My current workaround is a filter, that also copies all sent mail to the local
sent-mail folder, but I already lost quite some mail, so I rate this bug as

With regards to Google mail, at least Google Apps for businesses copies every
sent mail to the sent mail folder, and this is done by the Google server, so
with Google Apps it is not advised to copy sent mail by the mail program,
otherwise you get double mail (if mail client copying works correct). Maybe it
is the same with Gmail?

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