[kmail2] [Bug 282891] searching is severely broken (contains multiple reports)

piedro piedro.kulman at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 17 19:03:00 GMT 2014


--- Comment #39 from piedro <piedro.kulman at googlemail.com> ---
this is a bit frustrating ... thunderbird on the other hand is not integrated
very well ... and sucks at other tasks imho (rewriting imapfolder names on
servers e.g.) ... but you are right on virtual folders and searching: that is
done really nicely and very reliable ... maybe it would be a good idea to take
a look at the concepts behind that - it's open source after all, Kde team could
learn something here ... but I guess most people want to create things their
own way for the fun of it (and they have every right to do so) ... I guess I
simply have to accept that there is still no good PIM solution in KDE (same
applies for gnome and the other environments ... maybe be the elementary
concept of well integrated, lightweight single-task applications that
interconnect in an intelligent way is the most promising at the moment ...) 

Thing is: I like the idea behind Kontact! But the Kontact shell is kind of
- ktimetracker (such a nice application to integrate with kjournal and
korganizer!) had to be removed ... 
- knotes and kjots seem to not improve anymore and are less powerful than any
other stand alone application out there 
- korganizer seems to be quite good but without a good way to browse through
past events like all appointments with Peter Pan for the last two years it's
hard to use it productively 
- same for kjournal 

...and so forth: Quo vadis KPIM? 

cya, piedro 

still it is so sad :-( 

btw: I wrote korganizer shows search folders - I meant kjots (which I doubt
very much to be a reasonable candidate for the default note taking ... why not
work on basket, a tomboy or zim port (there are many more promising projects)
instead of holding onto kjots which isn't actively developed afaik ... 

just my feew cents, 

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