[kmail2] [Bug 282891] searching is severely broken (contains multiple reports)

piedro piedro.kulman at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 17 17:22:58 GMT 2014


--- Comment #37 from piedro <piedro.kulman at googlemail.com> ---
I don't want to start a new thread, so I put my problems in here. 

My Kde on Arch (fully upgraded) is the very new version 4.12.1. Still searching
emails has so many problems for me, that it is completely unusable, which is a
shame and I feel there are some regressions even. I will give a list of the
issues that won't work for me (anymore): 

- first problem is that any search I saved creates a kind of virtual folder,
which is exactly as intended I guess, but after this folder is created it
doesn't offer any possibility to modify it (say refine my search folder
afterwards by adding more search conditions) - this behaviour makes the idea of
search folders very clumsy to use and I can't imagine this is intended ... the
same problem applies when searching for one criteria and then adding another
one after the search has finished ("only ressource modifiers can change..." -
error message) 

- the search folder from kmail also shows up in kaddressbook and korganizer
which doesn't make sense at all (I haven't tested what happens to searches in
kaddressbook but I guess those show up then in kmail also ...) - I think this
is very annoying and quite a show stopper for using search folders at all... 
I think the search should also save the kind of object it' looking for and a
filter should make sure that kmail only shows searches with email objects as
kaddressbook only shows searches containing address objects and so forth ... 

- the dialog for searching mails in selected folders should also offer a tick
box saying "search recursivly" or "search in subfolders of selected folders" as
the dialog for selecting only one folder offers already. 
It is very unconvenient to select all the subfolders tick by tick when you are
using many postboxes with many email addresses (and some subfolders
hierarchies). Also a "select all" or " unselect all" possibilty would be a
great enhancement here ... 

- sometimes a search folder simply refuses to be deleted (I have no idea under
what condition this happens) - using "delete folder" doesn't give any error
message but leaves the folder in place ... after restarting kmail it sometimes
can be deleted again or it can't in other cases ... very confusing ... 

-  searching for "peter.pan@" to catch all email of Peter Pan should give the
same results when searching in "message header", "full message" or using the
three conditions "from", "to" or "copy to" (given that the search term actually
only appears in the "to", "from" or "copy to" lines of the messages in
question). For me this is not the case: I might get less hits with a full
message search than with a header search. the system settings show that email
indexing is done the full 100%. If this is due to uncomplete indexing of any
kind there should be a warning messgae saying: plz wait for indexing to
complete to get accurate results. In the current state it's irritating because
you can't trust any search. On the other hand we all know: you simply can't
easily catch Peter Pan... 

Sorry for long text but I think these search issues are still very important
for using kmail productively, 
thx for reading and all your efforts, kmail2 has come a long way since the
somewhat messy start ... 


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