[kmail2] [Bug 328311] KMail doesn't let me manually select a non verified PGP key which doesn't contains the receivers address

kolAflash colAflash at gmx.net
Thu Jan 16 14:17:16 GMT 2014


kolAflash <colAflash at gmx.net> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
           Platform|unspecified                 |openSUSE RPMs
            Version|4.11.2                      |4.12

--- Comment #2 from kolAflash <colAflash at gmx.net> ---
For my initial bug report I used KDE 4.11.2

Later I got regular updates to 4.11.3 and then 4.11.4 from my distribution
(openSUSE 13.1).

Now I manually updated to 4.12.1 using this repository:

Unfortunately none of this updates fixed the bug :-/

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