[kmail2] [Bug 328996] Default mail model is not applied when replying in 4.12.0

Richard Van Den Boom rvdb at cryptolab.net
Thu Jan 16 09:29:31 GMT 2014


--- Comment #6 from Richard Van Den Boom <rvdb at cryptolab.net> ---
1/ I don't have any %FORCEDHTML tag in my templates if that was the question.

2/ As far as I'm concerned, yes, HTML is prefered to simple text in Security
config. And I use HTML in writing mails, as far as I know.

3/  I do not reply or forward by default in HTML (Editor config -> General

4/ My signatures are in HTML, for the accounts which do use signatures. The
only account that works properly, my default one, has no signature, and I do
not use HTML for it in display or answers.

Hope it helps.

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