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Matthias Nagel mh-nagel at web.de
Tue Jan 14 17:28:28 GMT 2014


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same problem here. But it I do not use dIMAP, I use only "online" IMAP. I have
a gmail account that has one "huge" folder with 2.400 mails, that is affected
by this behaviour. I already removed the account from kmail, deleted the IMAP
akonadi agent and recreated everything. The behaviour is reproducible. Lets
call this special folder, that shows the wrong behaviour, folder "F" in the

Steps to reproduce:

1) Start KMail in the INBOX folder that has some new mails.
2) Switch to folder "F". The message list appears empty. But if one points the
mouse to "F" in the folder tree, the tool tip says "x unread messages, y read
messages" with correct x and y.
2) Move these mails from the INBOX folder to folder "F". Switch to folder "F".
The previously moved messages appear in the message list, but only those.
3) Switching to another folder and switching back to "F" still only shows
theses messages.
4) Switch to another folder.
5) Restart Kmail, Kmails restarts and shows the other folder.
6) Switch to folder "F" again. The message list is empty again. The tooltip is
OK. Even those messages, that were moved to "F" in the previous session
7) Restart Kmail a second time, but this time stay in folder "F".
8) Folder "F" shows all messages. Now one can switch around between different
folders. Folder "F" stays OK. At least until the next start of Kmail that has
another folder pre-selected.

Some more observations:

This behaviour also happens with any other folder as soon as there are more
messages than something around 2.000. If Kmail starts with this folder
pre-selected everyhing is OK. If Kmail starts with another folder, the affected
folder appears emtpy but for those messages that were inserted in this folder
during the same session.

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