[Akonadi] [Bug 274799] akonadi_imap_resource hangs while syncing Inbox

Antonis Kanouras antonis+kdebugs at metadosis.gr
Tue Jan 14 12:06:43 GMT 2014


--- Comment #10 from Antonis Kanouras <antonis+kdebugs at metadosis.gr> ---
@dvratil, in case you're referring to me, I haven't encountered this specific
issue since I nuked the database, as I'd said in comment 4. I feel it was
caused during the migration from KMail 1 to 2. I'm running KDE 4.12 atm, but
haven't had any issues with Akonadi specifically since at least KDE 4.9.

Slightly offtopic, but: Thank you for the great work you guys have put in to
make Akonadi rock solid. I've been using the same database since 4.10 and it is
still working flawlessly, despite heavy daily usage, power failures, many out
of memory/disk space incidents and even crashes (hardware related).

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