[kalarm] [Bug 329730] reminder does not pop up at login if digital clock widget runs

Franky kaputtnik at kabelmail.de
Sat Jan 11 11:32:25 GMT 2014


--- Comment #7 from Franky <kaputtnik at kabelmail.de> ---
This failure drives me crazy...

When booting today, no reminder popup appears. Also when i logout/login. The
only thing i did yesterday was to set the session from
"Restore previous session" 
"Restore manually saved session"

A "akonadictl restart" in konsole: The reminder popup appears.

So i changed the setting to "Restore previous session" again and logout/login.
No change, no reminderpopup.

I noticed that kontact/kmail starts very fast. So i decided to close kontact
and logout/login... tadaaa: The reminder popup appears. Then i start
kontact/kmail and logout login.... tadaaa: The reminder popup appears at login
(before kontact/kmail starts).

The behavior with the digital clock is allways the same: If the clock is set to
show events, the reminder popoup will never show, regardless of a running

As a dirty workaround, i wrote a script and run it at autostart:

sleep 5
akonadictl restart

With this script the reminderpopup appears regardless of showing events in the
digital clock or in case of starting kontact/kmail at login or of "Restore
manually saved session". But this script has a uggly sideeffect: The folderview
in kmail is collapsed, so i must expand it to get the view of previous expanded

If i am the only one who have the failure of a "Reminder do not popup at login"
this dirty script will at least make me not forgot some birthdays...

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