[kalarm] [Bug 329730] reminder does not pop up at login if digital clock widget runs

Franky kaputtnik at kabelmail.de
Thu Jan 9 18:37:34 GMT 2014


--- Comment #4 from Franky <kaputtnik at kabelmail.de> ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> KDE 4.12

In case of a question: Yes, its kde 4.12. But the missing reminder popup
follows me for years...

Today i boot the system twice and everytime the reminder window pops up at
login (without the digital clock in panel). Things that happens:
 1. Kontact/kmail starts up and i see that akonadi ins't running
 2. akonadi starts 
 3. Reminderwindow pops up

The reminder daemon is configured as "Enable reminders" and "Start reminder
daemon at login"

Additional info: If i add the digital clock and configure it to NOT show
events, the reminderwindow pops up at login. 

It seems to me, that only the trigger to display the reminder window is'nt
fired if akonadi runs befor the daemon runs. I think this, because in case of a
akonadi restart, the reminder always pops up. Only guessed...

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