[kmail2] [Bug 209319] GnuPG: automatically attach my public key and the public key from all receivers - also automatically import attached public keys (decentral key management)

Hauke Laging hauke at laging.de
Sat Jan 4 10:42:20 GMT 2014


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> I'd love to be able to tell KMail to automatically attach my public GnuPG
> key and all public GnuPG keys of the receivers to each email I send (and
> sign/encrypt). 

In other words: If I get 100 emails from you then I get 100 copies of your
certificate, making the search for emails with an attachment completely
useless? Are you serious about that, do you want to get rid of your friends...?

And you are aware that only the key owner should change public versions of his
certificate? Maybe he doesn't want your certification to be seen on his key. Of
course, you can avoid this problem with some above average crypto knowledge...

> Along with the option to automatically import any attached GnuPG key, that
> would open the possiblity of using GnuPG without the need for central
> keyservers: If I sign a key, its owner will automatically get the updated
> version once he gets an email from me. 

Why not act like the rest of the world and send the certificate to the key
owner immediately after creating it? 99% of the users don't care about this
problem. The 1% can send you a mail and ask for the others' certificates.

The problem you mention does exist but has to be solved at another layer. This
will probably be done by moving the responsibility for keyservers to the mail
server owner (who knows that you send the mail anyway).

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