[kmail2] [Bug 328770] I'm not able to encrypt a mail with a key which has a different email address.

Hauke Laging hauke at laging.de
Sat Jan 4 08:10:42 GMT 2014


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--- Comment #1 from Hauke Laging <hauke at laging.de> ---
You have to improve your bug report: The headline is not consistent with the
text. The headline says you cannot encrypt, the text says you cannot sign. The
reproduction steps do not even make sense:

"Try to sign it with a valid pgp key of someone else"

You cannot sign with someone else's key. (Yours are those keys for which you
have the secret part.)

I have 4.10.5 and I can both encrypt to another key and sign with another key
(which requires changing the identity configuration though). So either this was
a bug which has already been fixed (or a regression which came up in a version
newer than mine) or you are doing something wrong.

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