[Akonadi] [Bug 283682] KMail duplicates filtered messages

Dennis Andress dandress2 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 14:11:55 BST 2014


--- Comment #99 from Dennis Andress <dandress2 at gmail.com> ---
KMail 4.13.3
Fedora 20  (testing and unstable repos in use)

I had the problem where a spam filter would endlessly duplicate emails. I
quickly removed the spam filter and things settled down. The problem returns
when I delete or move an email. The email will move to the detination folder,
only to shortly reappear, disabled and not selectable, in the original folder.

I have two email accounts configured, GMail and the my employer's (ms exchange
server). The problem occurs almost exclussively with my employer's account.
Emails duplicate in the GMail spam folder, curiously taking several minutes to
show up instead of almost immediately.

I don't see akonadi being at fault. Running akonadictl fsck and vacuum show no
errors, and don't affect the problem.  Deleteing the Adkonadi database and
starting over didn't help either. Yet, I can clear the duplicates by using any
other mail client and synching each folder individually. To make a SWAG (stupid
wild ass guess), I'd look for something in LDAP usage.

Sorry to report a problem and not offer help. Thanks.

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