[Akonadi] [Bug 338186] Since updating to the latest Kubuntu packages Kmail is not picking up imap mail.

Marcel Naziri zwobbl at fsfe.org
Tue Aug 26 16:42:15 BST 2014


--- Comment #34 from Marcel Naziri <zwobbl at fsfe.org> ---
(In reply to Christian Mollekopf from comment #27)
> > So kdepim-runtime seems to be affected. RetrieveItemsTask::onFinalSelectDone
> > gets -1 values for nextUid which are not correctly mapped to an IMAP
> > interval like 1:* instead it results in 1:-1
> That does sound like a server bug, or at least I don't know when UIDNEXT < 0
> would make any sense.

As you can see in the formerly attached log the Courier imap server does not
give a nextuid prediction, so the value -1 comes from the default value of
SelectJob. I don't know if Courier breaks any rules not to answer with UIDNEXT.

> I suppose we can catch this case and just fallback a very large UIDNEXT
> value.

I made a quick patch to set the nextuid value to 0 in
RetrieveItemsTask::onFinalSelectDone in case it's set to -1 before the FetchJob
is build. This way the ImapInterval will result not in "1:-1" but in "1:*".
According to RFC 3501 "*" represents the largest number in use.

This way the sync with kdepim 4.14 and Courier worked again. I hope this gives
a good starting point for a proper fix.

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