[Akonadi] [Bug 335090] Akonadi Dav Resource: Broken State / Unexpected Error 401

Alejandro Lorenzo alejandro_aero at yahoo.es
Tue Aug 26 10:54:42 BST 2014


--- Comment #23 from Alejandro Lorenzo <alejandro_aero at yahoo.es> ---
This will fix the 401 indeed. 

Because the resource was offline, when it comes back online the first thing it
tries to do is commit to the server the changes.

However, if my interpretation of the implementation of the resource is correct,
the auth headers are established once at the beggining, when exploring for main
connections and then carried on with the keep-alive 

This broke when the server had some kind of problem.

This fix WILL fix the 401, but only to leave the resource in the same state
with a 412 error when, for example, the resource tries to remove a cal event
already removed by a different client.

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