[Akonadi] [Bug 335090] Akonadi Dav Resource: Broken State / Unexpected Error 401

Ingo Ratsdorf ingo at envirology.co.nz
Mon Aug 25 21:45:17 BST 2014


--- Comment #20 from Ingo Ratsdorf <ingo at envirology.co.nz> ---
(In reply to frynoh from comment #19)
> This patch corrects the behavior, please approve and release fixed version:

Not quite sure what exactly this patch will solve, however it will not solve
the main issue that there is absolutely no conflict resolution within the
The code is quite clear on what happens: In case of ANY error, go to the retry
function which does: emit broken, go offline. It does not exactly do what the
name would imply... ;-)

I have started to work on the resource again, but it will take some time to
resolve the matter, it requires some major rewrite.

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