[kmail2] [Bug 338186] Since updating to the latest Kubuntu packages Kmail is not picking up imap mail.

Thomas Gideon cmdln at thecommandline.net
Fri Aug 22 15:38:47 BST 2014


--- Comment #11 from Thomas Gideon <cmdln at thecommandline.net> ---
An update on the fresh problems since receiving the 4.14 ugrade.
Kontact/Akonadi went from not picking up email on my Dovecot supported account
to Akonadi crashing and refusing to start. I backed up my .local/akonadi
directorty and ran "akonadictl start". That rebuilt my database from scratch,
effectively fixing the start up problems. I can now at least get my email from
my account on a Dovecot server, again. However, now I am having a problem with
my calendars. Only one of my three calendars from the same Davical server are
being picked up. I looked in the object browser in akonadiconsole and indeed it
only seems to have objects for the entries in that one calendar. I tried
re-fetching from the calendar properties. I even deleted the CalDAV entries in
the calendar properties and re-added. Those calendars continue to work fine in
an un-upgraded instance of Kontact/Akonadi and on my Android phone plus the
entry count in the server's admin interface says those calendars are not empty
so this seems to be a similar issue to the original email behavior but now with
a different protocol, caldav. Maybe that helps narrow where the regression

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