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--- Comment #89 from mau <b-misc at gmx.ch> ---
(In reply to Joachim Wagner from comment #80)
> The bug seems to be triggered by something that doesn't happen very often.
> I've been using kmail in kontact 4.11.5 for 8 days without problems and now
> just got hit by this bug.
> While this report is not for the most recent version, the following
> observations may help the developers to reproduce the bug. Like other bug
> reporters above, I cannot attach akonida debug log files as they contain
> confidential information.
> Setup:
>  * fresh OpenSUSE 13.1 with default updates (kmail/kontact 4.11.5)
>  * fresh home directory
>  * pop3 account connected to inbox
>  * approximately 80 destination folders under "Local Folders"
>  * no automatic filters defined
>  * manually moving e-mails to destination folders
>  * often using the "Search" input field over the message list and selecting
> multiple messages (shift + left click or ctrl + left click) to move multiple
> messages in one go
> Observation:
>  * in my case, the problem seems to be related to a specific local
> destination folder (it was newly created just before the bug was observed,
> let's call this folder "A") as the moved message doesn't re-appear as a
> duplicate in the inbox if I move it to a different destination folder (let's
> call it "B") and press F5
>  * if I move the message from folder B to folder A, it is still duplicated
> in folder B (after pressing F5) but not in the inbox
>  * if I create a new local folder "C", move the message from B to C and
> press F5, everything is normal
>  * however, if I create "C2" under the A or the parent of A (which had been
> created just seconds before A) and move a message to it, duplication occurs
> Workaround 1:
>  * the "copy first, then delete with ctrl-del" trick worked for me
> Workaround 2:
>  * create a new folder "A-Parent-2" and subfolder "A2"
>  * move message from A to A2
>  * press F5 (no duplicates should re-appear in A)
>  * select A2 and run "Folder - Remove Duplicate Messages"
>  * delete empty folders A and A-Parent
>  * rename A2 to A  and A-Parent-2 to A-Parent
> JJ

This might have the same reason than something I observed just this weekend:
I added a new folder to my local folders and it took several seconds until it
was shown. Afterwards I manually moved messages to this new folder. The showed
up correctly in KMail, but no in the corresponding folder on my disk
(.local/share/local-mail/...) so they seem to stay in the akonadi cache
forever. Just a second after trying to move them the reappear in the original
folder. The problem didn't show up with another folder I created. So it looks
like the main problem being a folder not being created correctly.

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