[Akonadi] [Bug 324807] Sends no UID in UID STORE command

Randy Simons kdebugs at randysimons.nl
Sun Aug 17 16:34:11 BST 2014


--- Comment #15 from Randy Simons <kdebugs at randysimons.nl> ---
The last few months I haven't encountered this issue anymore. I have no idea
whether this is because a change in KMail, or a change in the server of my
provider (postfix, unknown version), or perhaps I now simply am patient enough
and wait for KMail to be done with all sending and moving stuff after sending a
mail, i.e. I wait for the progress indicator to disappear after it reached
100%, before selecting another folder or mail.

Currently I'm using kmail 4.13.97 from Kubuntu-backports.

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