[Akonadi] [Bug 335090] Akonadi Dav Resource: Broken State / Unexpected Error 401

Ingo Ratsdorf ingo at envirology.co.nz
Thu Aug 7 21:25:51 BST 2014


--- Comment #16 from Ingo Ratsdorf <ingo at envirology.co.nz> ---
>From my testing/observations and looking into the source code, there are a
number of issues here and it's hard to separate them out.

General sync concept not working:
While the DAV protocol as such is correctly implemented, some actual sync issue
resolution is completely lacking. If a "match" filter is not working and the
server return a 412 "precondition failed", then the resource goes into
offline/broken state by design. Which is totally wrong because such clashes can
happen and do happen. Particularly with calendars etc accessed and updated by
various users or devices.
The correct behavior would be one of the three options (to be configurable):
1) ask user for selection: reload latest or publish changes to server anyway
2) Server wins by default and reloads latest, discards user changes
3) Client wins by default and overwrites server

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