[kontact] [Bug 314080] Encryption preferences bring up encryption dialogue even when no encryption selected, mail sent plain

Dennis Schridde devurandom at gmx.net
Sun Aug 3 22:32:30 BST 2014


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I confirm this, or something very similar.

1) I write an email for a contact that has no addressbook entry, yet, and press
the "encrypt" button in the mail editor. Upon sending the mail, I am being
asked which keys to use and I select "Encrypt whenever encryption is possible"
from the drop down menu, which defaults to "<none>".

2) Right afterwards I compose a second email for the same contact and press the
encrypt button as before. Upon sending the mail I am being asked which keys to
use. "Encrypt whenever encryption is possible" is still chosen, but the
"encrypt" button was not selected automatically.

3) I compose another email to said contact and do not press the encrypt button,
which is not automatically selected – the email goes out unencrypted.

4) A few reboots later, after adjusting the "encrypt whenever encryption is
possible" setting again, I compose another email for the same contact, press
encrypt and send the email. I am being asked for the keys and "<none>" is now
selected again – the "encrypt whenever encryption is possible" choice has been

5) I create a addressbook entry for the contact, start composing an email for
him by clicking his email address in the To: field of another email, and
"encrypt" is not automatically selected. Pressing "Send" sends an unencrypted

Expected behaviour:
1) Selecting "encrypt whenever encryption is possible" should be saved
2) Akonadi should somehow ask to store the contact permanently, if trying to
save encryption settings for a contact that is not permanently saved in any
3) Selecting "encrypt whenever encrpytion is possible" should enable encryption
automatically when having the contact in the To: field of any newly composed

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