[Bug 283954] Only resources can modify remote revisions

Grégory Oestreicher greg at kamago.net
Mon Mar 12 20:15:12 UTC 2012


--- Comment #9 from Grégory Oestreicher <greg at kamago.net> ---
After some debugging on this issue today it seems that the problem is that
Korganizer is not using the latest item known to Akonadi, at least in what
concerns the remote revision. If you try to edit the item directly after
starting Korg then everything will be fine. Any further edit in the same
session will fail as the item known to Korg is never refreshed and the remote
revision is now out of date (the dav resource will always fetch the latest
remote revision behind the scenes). When the following edits are done Korg
tries to set the remote revision to what it was, which is rejected by Akonadi.

One solution would be that Korg updates the cached item once EventOrTodoDialog
completes (haven't found how to do this easily, apparently this would require
updating the incidenceeditor-ng to add a signal), or have Akonadi notify Korg
that the remote revision has changed.

I'm not sure I'll have some time soon to look into this, so if anybody want to
pick this up he'll be more than welcome.


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