[Bug 282160] akoandi does not delete mails from .local/share/akonadi/file_db_data

mkkot marcinkocur at op.pl
Sat Jan 28 19:52:17 UTC 2012


--- Comment #20 from mkkot <marcinkocur op pl>  2012-01-28 19:52:17 ---
[mk at linux ~]$ akonadictl fsck
[mk at linux ~]$ "Looking for collections not belonging to a valid resource..." 
"Checking collection tree consistency..." 
"Looking for items not belonging to a valid collection..." 
"Looking for item parts not belonging to a valid item..." 
"Looking for overlapping external parts..." 
"Found overlapping part data:
"Found 1 overlapping parts - bad." 
"Verifying external parts..." 
"Found 11198 external files." 
"Found 11198 external parts." 
"Found no unreferenced external files." 
"Looking for dirty objects..." 
"Collection "Search" (id: 1) has no RID." 
"Found 1 collections without RID." 
"Item "18498" has no RID." 
"Item "18606" has no RID." 
[and so on]
"Item "1" has RID and is dirty." 
"Item "2" has RID and is dirty." 
"Item "3" has RID and is dirty." 
"Item "4" has RID and is dirty." 
[and so on]

It created a ~/.local/share/akonadi/file_lost+found/
folder which contains only one item. file_db_data has now 1 element less (but
it is still ~800MB!). What can I do?

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