[Bug 286703] Kmail2 makes multiple (>30) duplicates of new, unread mails from IMAP account.

Tharrrk tharrrk at volny.cz
Thu Jan 19 14:21:20 UTC 2012


--- Comment #6 from Tharrrk <tharrrk volny cz>  2012-01-19 14:21:20 ---
Ok I made some basic analysis...

An email from IMAP (damned M$Exchange) is read in multipart/alternative format,
but the message appears something like twice inside when I manually export it
from KMail2.

Looking directly in IMAP folder using telnet the message seems to be OK.

After going through the SpamAssassin pipe, the second (duplicate) piece of
multipart message doesn't appear anymore.

The MessageID is the same, but KMail2 puts it back into the IMAP folder.

Please check it devs, now it's up to you :) 

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