[Bug 287583] Cannot disable IMAP/POP3 password saving if kwallet is enabled: Add "save password" checkbox to account configuration

sorath torohov_s_a at mail.ru
Sun Apr 8 19:39:11 UTC 2012


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--- Comment #2 from sorath <torohov_s_a at mail.ru> ---
I confirm that such behaviour isn't convinient for users (and it's discussed on
many forums).
At least when users save e-mail's passwords in kwallet (protected with it's own
non-empty password) kmail allways ask password to access kwallet each new user
session - this is such annoying that many users have to set empty passwords to
their wallet with appropriate e-mails passwords that make storage system
absolutly unsafe and useless.

If it's now available only to save passwords via kwallet then there must be
availability to allow to  give permanent access of applications such as kmail.
It will make password's store safe and simultaneously will avoid of annoying
password prompts after kmail's start.

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