[Bug 267483] akonadi silently not syncing on reboot or resume from suspend to disk

Éric Brunet eric.brunet at lps.ens.fr
Wed Nov 30 15:16:47 UTC 2011


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--- Comment #7 from Éric Brunet <eric brunet lps ens fr>  2011-11-30 15:16:46 ---
I can see that also on my up to date Fedora 16 (kde 4.7.3). This is a most
annoying bug.

The trick in comment #6 of clicking Modify and then Ok to restart
synchronization is a life saver.

Is there a magical command line invocation (based on dbus-send, typically) that
would simulate the effect on clicking Modify and then Ok ? (In other words, how
does kmail notify akonadi that the collection might have been changed ?) I
would love to put that in NetworkManager resume scripts...

By the way, isn't this bug and bug 258479 duplicates ? The comments in 258479
claim the problem should be fixed in 4.7.1, but this does not seem to be the

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