[Bug 258040] Seemingly Random plasma-desktop crash [qFatal, Akonadi::EntityTreeModelPrivate::monitoredItemRemoved, Akonadi::EntityTreeModel::qt_metacall, Akonadi::Monitor::itemRemoved]

Matěj Laitl matej at laitl.cz
Sat Nov 19 11:39:01 UTC 2011


--- Comment #5 from Matěj Laitl <matej laitl cz>  2011-11-19 11:39:00 ---
Some important information from bug 286950:

The assertion message in .xsession-errors:
ASSERT: "first >= 0" in file kernel/qabstractitemmodel.cpp, line 2445

plasma-desktop asserts on every startup for me when following conditions are
 * Qt is compiled with debug flag (QT_NO_DEBUG _not_ set) (4.7.4 Qt version)
 * kwin desktop effects are enabled

 * debug build is _not_ enabled for kdelibs (QT_NO_DEBUG _is_ set when building
 * I use OpenGL ES intel X.org driver for acceleration
 * plasma-desktop asserts only for the first time it is started in a given
- it is then restarted and works flawlessly.

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