[Bug 283954] Only resources can modify remote revisions

Ingo Ratsdorf ingo at envirology.co.nz
Wed Nov 2 01:24:13 UTC 2011


--- Comment #4 from Ingo Ratsdorf <ingo envirology co nz>  2011-11-02 01:24:13 ---
Had it again.
I added an exception to an reoccurring event. Saved it.
Noticed that it was not changed, had a look at the server via web interface too
and indeed the exception was not saved.

Opened the incidence gain and added the exception, clicked "Ok" et voila: Said
message pops up.
Cannot change anything, simply won't save and repeats the same message.
Clicked on "update calendar folder" to trigger a reload in KOrganizer.
Did not help, still not able to change anything. That incidence is now a dead
one in KOrganizer, all I can do is delete it.
I opted to add the exception via web interface and reloaded the calendar in
KOrganizer. All okay now.

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