[Bug 67504] IMAP IDLE support for KMail

Julian Weißgerber sloevenh1 at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 19 22:02:47 CET 2011


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--- Comment #46 from Julian Weißgerber <sloevenh1 googlemail com>  2011-03-19 22:02:33 ---
I found something like a workaround for KMail 1 some time ago. It involves 3

1.) Configuring the mutt mail client which supports IMAP IDLE using muttrc to
run a script whenever new mail arrives. This is my muttrc, it also makes mutt
cache mail headers to reduce traffic and disables some other things not needed
when abusing mutt like this:
http://qar.ath.cx/~squall38/muttrc (goes into ~/.muttrc and you need to edit it
to fit your account settings)

2.) The script that's triggered by mutt. It notifies KMail via DBUS to refresh
the Inbox.
http://qar.ath.cx/~squall38/muttKMail.sh (should go into ~/bin)

3.) Launching the mutt mail client in the background on logon (GNU "screen" has
to be installed for this to work)
http://qar.ath.cx/~squall38/muttbackground.sh (the script makes sure there's
always only one mutt instance running, also should go into ~/bin)

It's a little unusual maybe but that's how I got rid of having a 5-minute
refresh interval in KMail 1. And it works.

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