[Bug 214782] next message is selected after deleting attachment

Werner Meyer mey.wer at web.de
Tue Jun 14 10:00:13 CEST 2011


--- Comment #6 from Werner Meyer <mey wer web de>  2011-06-14 10:00:02 ---
Even worse is another buggy behavior:

(using imap and lokal mbox-format)

copy an e-mail with attachement to a lokal e-mail-folder „bla“

after deleting the attachment of e.g. 5 MB the message is shown as e.g. to have
125 KB

But the file /home/user/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail/bla has become 5 MB larger
instead of 5 MB smaller!!!!!

(using kmail 3.5.7. - quite old version for the only reason, that there is no
newer kmail-standalone-package 
- installing newer kde in older linux (opensuse 10.3) is nearly impossible
- using newer linux (opensuse) brings many problems
- and kde4 works worse than kde3 (e.g. worse printing-funktionality, missing

So please, have an idea to solve that problem for kde3.)

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